Welcome to ideas to try during Covid-19

We are now into a summer with over 4 months of uncertain times behind us. Although some places have opened, many of the older population are not able to get back to their "usual activities" and some have discovered that exercise at home works for them. We at "Growingstrong" are committed to helping you substitute other forms of exercise for what you used to do. Our comfort with the use of technology is growing and the Zoom platform seems to "work" for many people.

If you are new to exercise or have experienced any health changes recently, please consult with a health care provider before taking part in on-line classes. Exercise where there is another person or make sure you have a telephone within reach. Even in a "live" class the instructor cannot see whether you are being safe. Do less than you think you can rather than pushing your limits.

Keep in mind that "just watching" is also of benefit to your brain.

I have started recording Zoom classes for those who cannot get them in person.

Here is the June 22 class where I introduce resistance bands: https://youtu.be/LdWGJ6hdywY

You can access my "Canada Day" class here: https://youtu.be/F2Dkpakp1Fg

July 6 class is here: https://youtu.be/BXWYYSjNDZo

July 13 had some issues with synchrony in the first 10 minutes - but the rest is ok: https://youtu.be/Ju--lgD_vHM

July 20 has some continuous movement for 10 min. with a brain challenge for memory: https://youtu.be/-hHpZ3GSPqI

July 22 is World Brain Day ... worth thinking about....https://youtu.be/YvtEkZAoGf4

July 27: sound quality isn't great. Exercise is directed to more lateral movements: https://youtu.be/RqntTyji0pM

July 29: https://youtu.be/jbuMN-5zCDY

August 3, B.C. Day:  https://youtu.be/ElHSDzasTcQ

August 5: https://youtu.be/T35RzX-0kAg

August 10: Unfortunately sound and picture cut out for 45 seconds between minute 31:30 and 32:17 so you can move the slider along there when you get to it. https://youtu.be/WAydYzqBI80

August 12: https://youtu.be/ywENISrNBAo

I will be continuing to offer 30 minute classes via Zoom on both MONDAY and WEDNESDAY through July and August.

To join these classes you can use this link: https://www.onlyatthej.com/

Scroll through the classes offered on the appropriate day and you should find them. These classes offer both seated and standing options with some resistance training, brain games and stretches. There is no charge for classes.

Our other trainer, Bill, offers a class on a Friday morning at 10:30. This also has standing exercises and resistance exercises but seated options are provided. For an invitation to his class email him. His contact is under "contact me".

Here is one of his Friday classes: https://youtu.be/q8kGzKq2C0o  Unfortunately, the camera cut out a couple of times but only for a few seconds.

For those who would like a more active class the following YouTube link will introduce you to "Talitha" who runs the Fitness Department at Vancouver's Jewish Community Center. This is a safe class for active seniors. As always, you must look after yourself, have a phone handy and stop if you experience any problems. https://youtu.be/6cRnVOyJ8oY

Below is a 10 minute video with suggestions for a few exercises for legs, arms and balance. You can decide which you want to do, how often and how much. Muscles don't mind if they are exercised at different times so there is no need to do all the actions in the same sequence or in the same session. You might do one exercise in the morning, one at lunch and another after dinner - your choice. If you open it in YouTube there is a control bar so you can pause or select specific parts: https://youtu.be/qVyFZ-awvIA

Although I give you balance ideas in the above video, I encourage balance as an activity to be done daily in as many ways as you can (safely). The following YouTube link will offer the fun of singing or whistling while balancing.

Combining activities like this is an added benefit to your brain. https://youtu.be/P5Afoo2dyQM

As an instructor for those with Parkinson's Disease I use the PWR!Moves exercise program. The movements are good for many home-bound exercisers. They are fairly easy to learn, don't require much space and aim to promote posture, balance, co-ordination, strength, endurance, range of motion (stretching) and even cardio, depending on how they are used. If you wish to know more about this special program you will find an interview with me on the page about courses.

There are 4 basic movements which are done in 5 possible positions. Some people may be limited to doing only the seated movements, some may be able to do seated and standing movements and some people will be able to do all 5 positions to get the full benefit.  When done slowly, with a full range of movement, they can promote flexibility. Done forcefully they can address strengthening and when done at speed they can address power. Sustaining the activity for 10 minutes at a time or longer will offer the heart and lungs a work-out.

Explore the basic movements on YouTube and then put them together as you see fit. Combine them with other exercises to get plenty of variety for your body and mind. Set them to music if you like - that is what I sometimes do in class to add "flow", "memory" and "coordination".





​​​Ongoing....I have discovered that the New York "Dance for Parkinson's" group with David Levanthal is making their sessions available for free during this time. Check it out. https://danceforparkinsons.org/resources/dance-at-home

Scroll down the page to find the "dance of the week". This is movement with music that can be done at home, in limited space and is simple to follow - seated or standing. Good for anyone!


A precaution for anyone with spine issues such as osteoporosis, rods and screws and other conditions which should be treated gently.... limit the amount of motion which may causes rounding or twisting of the spine. Put the emphasis on "good posture" with less emphasis on full range of movement.