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This class is an hour long and aimed at the “apparently healthy” senior population. The focus is mainly cardiovascular conditioning done through interval work but included are all the aspects of fall reduction training.

Aquafit (moderate)



Done in a warm water pool. This program was created by The Arthritis Society and is a 45-minute class offering gentle range of motion for all joints. Melanie’s aim is to create better body awareness in participants which makes it a good starting place for anyone wanting to use water for exercise.


This 45-minute class is based on the best of Joint Works (Arthritis Society), Osteofit (B.C. Women’s Hospital) and the Steady Feet program used by Vancouver Coastal Health. It is a mild strength building program helping with body awareness and incorporating aspects of balance and agility to reduce fall risk.

Osteofit /


This is the program from B.C. Women’s Hospital which was developed for people with osteoporosis but since reducing fall risk is the main aim of that program it is suitable for many conditions. Education is part of the program. The class is an hour long and mostly done standing and moving.


(not at JCC since 2020 but I do teach it alternate weeks for the Parkinson's Support Group in Kerrisdale)

This hour-long program is specifically tailored for those with Parkinson’s Disease. It has been developed by Dr. Becky Farley, physiotherapist and neuroscientist who runs the Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery clinic in Tucson, Arizona.

Group Personal Training

Melanie runs group training in two different locations. At JCC the class is more specific to those recovering from health challenges. At Lord Byng the classes are open to anyone. Each person must be assessed prior to joining the class so that a personalized program can be created for them. Group training keeps the price of personal training down while allowing for socialization along with guidance and advancement for each individual.

Personal Training

Due to Melanie’s class schedule there is limited time for ongoing personal training. Melanie will do individual consultations and advise on appropriate exercise if someone wishes to work on their own.

Instructor practicums

As part of training instructors who wish to work with older adults Melanie takes practicum students into classes to help them learn skills appropriate to their area of interest. This may be aquafit, Osteofit or personal training programs.
Melanie is an evaluator for instructors wishing to qualify as leaders in Aquafit, Osteofit, Weight Training or Personal Training.

Instructor evaluations

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